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Vectra 1650 Multi Gym



Plus Delivery and Assembly 

*The Vector bench: 7-setting, one-touch adjustment from 15° decline to a shoulder press. All positions offer full back support - as you adjust the back pad, the seat pad automatically adjusts to the correct angle. This bench is also the perfect place for abdominal and dumbbell work. Spring-loaded wheels make positioning easy and they retract to ensure the bench stays put during use

*'Free Weight' mode: as you lift the weight vertically, the weight stack is free to tilt several inches (controlled by in-built 'spotters'). As with a traditional bar and plates, you control the fore and aft motion of the bar as you move it vertically

*High pulley: adjusts from 6'6" to 6'11" to accommodate various ceiling heights and physical characteristics of the primary users

*Weight stack: 1 x 210lb stack, powder coated, machined cast iron with alloy selector shaft for low minimum weight, and premium selector pin

*Maximum press resistance: 235lb for all lifting exercises

*Supported row: 12-position adjustable cushion with narrow and wide grip handle positions

*Leg developer: ball bearing pivot, cam and acommodating pads, locking 2-position seat for supported leg curls, fromfitting shin pads, 12-position seat back for back support

*Included accessories: weight stack guards, padded ab / tricep strap and ankle strap, lat bar, curl bar, D-handle, squat attachments, low row / calf block, adjustable lat hold-down; exercise /safety poster

Product dimensions (not in use): 6'6" x 8'0" with a height of 6'11"
Boxed Dimensions CM: (L)216 x (W)100 x (H)140 Weight: 250kg

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