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Pre Owned TechnoGym Kinesis



NEW MSRP $7,370.00

Pre-Owned TechnoGym Kinesis Step Squat.

Model MH67


  • FullGravity Technology is the only innovative technology that allows users to perform movements with resistance through all planes of movement
  • Double weight stack - each cable controls a single, independent resistance level, this allows users to perform all movements more effectively, including alternating and reciprocating ones, based on the appropriate load for each side and training goal
  • The patented 360 degree rotating pulley cable system means users can perform all movements with no interference to forearms from the cables, unlike other traditional machines
  • Kinesis allows for over 400 exercises, free and without limitations, that can be performed either completely independently or in the presence of a Personal Trainer
  • The user can immediately begin exercising because the ergonomic handle is always ready for use and does not require any prior settings or adjustments
  • Innovative, attractive design
  • A wide range of exercises, free and without limitations, can be performed either completely independently or with a personal trainer
  • The user can begin exercising immediately with the patented ergonomic handgrips, which do not require any settings or adjustments. Each cable handle is connected via a patented continuous cable loop system.
    • Dimensions: 50" L by 65" W by 57" H
    • Weight: 772 Lbs.
    • Weight Stack Capacity: 120 Lbs.
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